Barnes | London

London interior design
Project Overview

Residential - 6,000 Sq.ft.

Property Developer, Residential Interiors
About This Project

This project had two fundamental objectives; the first, of which, is to create an impressive and stunning family home for the client and his family to live in, in luxury and happiness for the next couple of years. The second, longer-term objective was to ensure that this aspirational interior will appeal to future prospective buyers when the property is later marketed, maximising the profit and return on investment. Consequently, specific consideration was given to make sure all elements of the design remain timeless and will not fall out of fashion.
The design style is classic and modern, elegant and stylish, uniting both of the key objectives for the project. A contemporary colour palette of neutral tones was utilised, providing a harmonious flow, that is both warm and welcoming.
The finished high-end design is reflective of the client’s style and taste preferences, as well as the expectations of the discerning high-net worth purchaser from this target luxury residential market.