Chiswick | London

About This Project

This Victorian house was the client’s forever home, and was to demonstrate the family’s character and vibrancy, with a focus, in particular, on ensuring creativity and inspiring children’s areas where function, fun and practicality were prioritised in the design, over look, order and arrangement. There was also a desire for a great sense of light, brightness, airiness and space throughout all rooms and areas of the house.
A colour palette of neutral tones was utilised throughout, being calm, warm and welcoming. This sophisticated scheme complimented the period features and interior architecture, alongside the more contemporary elements introduced, thus becoming an appealing backdrop to best display artwork through the house. Tasteful accents of colour were also used to provide energy, visual interest and stimulation, particularly in the children’s areas of the house.
The design intent was to create a modern, stylish and elegant interior with a ‘bit of life’ in it, introduced through accents of colour, different textures and the family’s art.

Project Overview

Residential - 3,500 Sq.ft

Residential Interiors